Contacting staff

Appointments by Phone or Email

  • Calling the clinic at 919.471.9622
  • Make an Appointment: Press 1
  • Work-Related Injury: Press 2 then 4

The following numbers will enable you to direct dial members of the NCOC staff without going through the automated voicemail system.

Administrative Questions:

Surgical Coordinator (Drs. Almekinders, Hallows, Kelley, Klifto, Mithani) Priscilla 919.403.5144
Surgical Coordinator (Drs. Diehl, Minchew, Parekh, Schreyack, Tawney) Suzanne 919.403.5143
Referral Coordinator Le'Keya 919.403.5146
Worker’s Compensation Coordinator Amanda 919.403.3040
Medical Record Requests MRO 888.252.4146
DME Coordinator Dylan 919.403.5147
Billing - Questions 919.620.4555

Clinical Questions:

If you are an existing patient of the practice and you have a medical question or need a prescription renewed during regular business hours, please contact your physicians’ care team directly. NOTE: prescription requests will only be accepted from 8AM – 4PM, Monday – Friday.

Dr. Almekinders’ Care Team Morgan 919.403.5148
Dr. Diehl’s Care Team Crystal 919.403.3049
Dr. Hallows’ Care Team Karyn/Jacob 919.403.3050
Dr. Kelley’s Care Team Adrian/Jenna 919.403.5151
Dr. Klifto's Care Team Sanjana 919.403.3057
Dr. Minchew’s Care Team Susan 919.403.5149
Dr. Mithani’s Care Team Nicole W 919.403.3051
Dr. Parekh’s Care Team Heather/Stephanie 919.403.5180
Dr. Schreyack’s Care Team Nicole C. 919.403.5160
Dr. Tawney’s Care Team Malinda 919.403.5161
Casey Clarke, PA-C Care Team Karyn/Jacob 919.403.3050
Nicole Graf-Perkins, PA-C Care Team Amy 919.403.5150
Kyle Kirkland, PA-C Care Team Nicole W 919.403.3051
James Messersmith, PA-C Care Team Adrian/Jenna 919.403.5151